Teaching Philosophy

Teaching my horn students is the most important part of my job as a musician. After all, I am helping to pass on the joy of music to young people.
— Allyson Farrell

Build Solid Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the building block to any craft, and this is no different when learning a musical instrument. Having a solid base and knowledge of the basics of the horn are crucial. Therefore, much time will be spent on harmonics, scales and breathing.

Supporting Goal Setting

Especially at the beginning of a new school year, it is important to check in and make sure each student has some specific goals in mind. Those can be short term or long term goals. These can be big goals, such as getting into a youth symphony or All-state, or smaller goals, like working on breathing or tonguing. 

Sharing My Love of Music

Playing the horn should be fun! Its important to work hard, but having fun is important. After all, we play music because its fun and fulfilling. I play the horn because I love making music. I hope to pass on that love of music to all of my students.


Practice everyday! Regular and consistent practice will help develop technique, and reiterate everything learned in horn lessons, band class, youth symphony etc. As Schinichi Suzuki once said, “Practice only on the days you eat.”